Hair Cycle, gouache and colored pencil on paper, 8" x 10", 2017

The Hair Cycle series documents nine days and states of my hair; on the first day I have washed my hair and added product, on the ninth I prepare it with a coconut oil mask before washing. The portraits simultaneously document emotional states—a rise and fall in self-esteem—as well as the regaining of comfort with an old medium.

Day 1: (first day) fresh wash and braid
Day 2: silk scarf hair  
Day 3: dents and shrinking curls  
Day 4: low bun and peach fuzz  
Day 5: elongated  
Day 6: aspiring fineapple
Day 7: oily bun and the accidental Victorian pug neck
Day 8: morning gremlin
Day 9: octopus that needs to wash her hair tomorrow
Day 10: (last day) hair pulled pack for coconut oil mask