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HUE is a reaction to a trend in color mixing which has resulted in the creation of ready-made color Caucasian Flesh Tone / Portrait Pink / Flesh Tone. This pinkish hue caters to a specific demographic which is not inherently negative until considering that no other color has explicitly been created to match non-Caucasian skin tones and its existence supports the idea that a color can be crafted and made to serve as a definitive representation of a particular ethnic group. While it would be a mistake to create other colors that are representative of non-Caucasian skin tones, the solitary creation of the Caucasian Flesh Tone reinforces current issues regarding the general perception of western art as classical or academic versus non-western art which is regarded as object or artifact. Caucasian Flesh Tone therein suggests that the realm of portraiture can only be contributed to by those it is modeled after. Through bi-monthly digital publications HUE endeavors to explore technical and chemical compositions of a variety of colors and invites contributors to reflect on their personal associations with these hues as well as share and enlighten others to varying cultural significance. 

Since it's creation, HUE has been exhibited at the Brown Paper Zine & Small Press Fair at MoCADA, RISD (un)bound, and the DC Art Book Fair. 

You can find select issues at the RISD's Fleet Library Special Zines and the Sarah Doyle Women's Center at Brown University.